Do you have a bad credit? Are your federal student loans the reason or have they made it even worse?

If so, you know how difficult life could be. Something as basic as getting a utility bill under your name can be more complicated – or expensive – when you have bad credit. Your credit score is used as a reflection of your trustworthiness to pay a bill, pay on a loan, or uphold your end of a contract.

Credit Repair Companies – Are They Worth It?

Did you know that a lot of denunciations of credit repair firms are based on the similar basic premise – that you can do the same thing a credit repair firm does, they aren’t doing anything special or at a level you cannot do yourself.

The fact here is that this is a hundred percent true. There’s nothing credit repair companies can do for you that, with study and experience, you couldn’t do for yourself. Indeed, the same thing could be said of the different services people hire other to do for them.

Here’s the thing: you have every privilege (and with time, patience, and knowledge) to replace the oil of your car, rotate the tires, clean your AC ducts, update your own kitchen, cut down the dying tree in your yard, or repair your leaking sink. Individuals do so each day.

There may be some laws or regulations that require the proper disposal of certain waste or require certain permits before conducting certain work; however, take note that no regulations are telling that you need to pay a professional to perform these tasks for you.

Still, while a lot of individuals take the time to understand the fundamental steps to perform maintenance on their car, HVAC system, or home – there’s still numerous professionals in these fields. This is because, for the majority, paying someone else who has the tools, experience, and skills to perform the work for them is worth their time to not have to do it (or learn how to do it).

Even though mechanics/HVAC technicians/contractors don’t do anything for you can’t do yourself, they’re a valuable service. The same thing could be said for a credit repair firm that helps clients who don’t have the necessary desire and time to take on the task themselves.

Benefits of Opting to a Credit Repair Company

They understand the law

Thorough understanding and knowledge of such laws enable credit repair firms to help clients improve their credit. Credit experts will leverage federal laws to the favor of their clients. A professional firm is accustomed along with the complaint to laws like the following:

  • The Fair Credit Billing Act
  • The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Other consumer protection decrees

It is their time

Did you know that working to repair your credit can be a very tedious and long process? Aside from learning the ins and outs of the laws and regulations,  you’ll also have to communicate with several agencies including: credit bureaus, collection agencies, and original creditors.

When paying for credit repair services, you’re passing off to the experts the accountability of checking your credit reports, collecting information, filling out forms and sending letters, following up, and a whole lot more. Offering a credit repair company the role of fixing your credit enables you to free up your time to perform other activities you need or want to do.

They always take charge

Signing up for a credit repair service via a credit repair firm enables the experts to take charge of working along with credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf – without any runarounds.

To sum up, credit repair firms have assisted a lot of people to enhance their credit scores. The Student Loan Advisory Group focuses on helping individuals with defaulted federal student loans or student loans that are in collections improve their credit score and getting their loan payments back on track.