• Not sure how you are going to repay your student loans now that you have graduated?
  • Have you had financial distress that is jeopardizing your ability to pay your student loans?
  • Are you making payments to multiple loan servicers?
  • Are your student loan monthly payments cutting severely into your monthly budget?
  • Does the stress of your student loans interfere with your work performance?
  • Do you have many employees who complain of student loan debt?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these – or many – then you are at the right place. The Student Loan Advisory Group can help you to eliminate the stress of your student loan debt.

There aren’t many unbiased student loan aid programs – those who are not working with the loan servicing companies like Nelnet, Great Lakes, FedLoan, CornerStone, MOHELA, and others. Although these companies can provide some answers and even viable payment solutions, their end goal is to retrieve as much as they can on a student loan for the loan provider and/or servicer.

That’s why the Student Loan Advisory Group was formed. To provide a solution for our clients with the client’s best interests and capabilities in mind – not the loan servicers. Our clients are graduates who have recently completed school and are beginning their careers as well as individuals well into their careers who now need student loan help due to a change in their circumstances.

The Student Loan Advisory Group can help individuals with

We also help small to medium businesses and large corporate offices provide student loan solutions for their employees. When your employees are no longer stressed about finances and making their student loan payments, they can focus more efficiently on their work while feeling more valued by their employer.

We offer the following Corporate student loan services:

  • COMPLIMENTARY Student Loan Education
  • COMPLIMENTARY Onsite Student Loan Relief Workshops

We are also available to schedule corporate seminars that discuss debt relief and management avenues to empower your employees to take action with their student loan debt and improve their financial well-being.

Contact Student Loan Advisory Group and take the first step towards student loan debt recovery today.