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Debt Management Solutions

The average American is in debt $137,063. That’s astounding considering the average income is only $59,039 per year. Knowing these numbers, it is no wonder why so many people are defaulting and going into bankruptcy just 15 years out of college. Many Americans pay only their minimum balances and use their “extra” money for going out, such as to dinner and movies, and the other little pleasures life has to [...]

Tips For Saving For Retirement In Your Early Twenties

Saving for retirement right after college is usually not a top priority for most college grads. But focusing on building your retirement savings earlier in life rather than starting later on gives you a major advantage in jump-starting your retirement savings fund and can pay off significantly in your later years in life when you won't have the income you have now to help you purchase the things you need. [...]

How Student Loan Debt Is Affecting The Economy

Many student loans being issued by private lenders are being defaulted on at an alarming rate.  This is similar to the housing boom that inadvertently caused the great recession of 2008.  Lenders are issuing loans to students that have virtually no income and limited ways to pay it off, and the ripple effect is now impacting not only the millennials but generation Z as well.  With so many “pop up” [...]

Should You Use The Debt Snowball Or The Debt Avalanche Method When Tackling Student Loan Debt?

If you are currently trying to tackle your student loan debt, you are probably wanting to figure out which method of debt repayment you can use that will allow you to pay your student loans off as quickly as possible. With the increasing costs of higher education, and thus higher amounts of student loans being taken out, it is common for people to feel like they are drowning in student [...]

Three Ways To Help Your Employees Become Debt Free

If you are running a business one of the best ways to show your employees that you truly care about them as individuals and about their personal well-being is to show you care about their financial security and well-being. This goes well beyond paying them a reasonable salary. If you want to show your employees you truly care, you should offer them services that will help them become debt free [...]

Why You Should Pay Off Your Student Loans As Early As Possible

If you recently graduated from college, you probably have student loan debt of some amount. But often, paying off this student loan debt as soon as possible is not a priority for college graduates. However, paying off your student loan debt quickly is important to establishing true financial freedom for your future. Imagine the opportunities and possibilities you would have available if you didn’t have to worry about that large [...]

Tips That Will Help Any Student Save Money While In College

These days college rarely seems to be about saving money, with the large political and social focus on how much money is being spent on attending college and taking out student loans. But at the core, college is all about preparing for your future adult life, so saving money during college should be an important aspect to consider as well. There is definitely plenty of money to be spent when [...]

Is Your Undergraduate Level Degree Worth The Amount Of Student Loan Debt It Carries With It?

For most people choosing to pursue a college degree taking out student loans to pay for their tuition is unavoidable. But is the degree worth the massive amount of student loan debt you will face upon graduation? Last week we looked at the statistics for the most popular graduate level degrees, but what about undergraduate level degrees? On average, many undergraduate degree graduates have a much more favorable outlook of [...]

Is Your Graduate Level Degree Worth The Amount Of Student Loan Debt It Carries With It?

For most people choosing to pursue a college degree, especially a graduate level degree, taking out student loans to pay for the tuition is unavoidable. But is the degree worth the massive amount of student loan debt you will face upon graduation? Although the suggestion is that following a standard repayment plan will allow you to pay your student loan debt off within 10 years, reality is that about 60% [...]

The Top Benefits Employers Receive By Offering Their Employees Student Loan Repayment Benefits

Last week we looked at a few of the top benefits employers receive by offering their employees a student loan repayment benefit including attracting better talent, retaining your best employees, and improving employee morale and productivity. If all the reasons we discussed previously aren’t reason enough to be providing your employees with this benefit, in this post we will look at a few additional benefits employers receive by [...]

The Top Benefits Employers Receive By Offering Their Employees Student Loan Repayment Benefits

There is a new wide spread issue facing the vast majority of employees, especially younger employees who are just entering the job market. While most employers offer standard benefits such as health insurance contributions, dental and vision insurance options, life insurance, vacation time, and 401(k) and other retirement savings options, many employers are realizing they have been failing to address one of their employees’ greatest financial challenges – [...]

What A Credit Repair Company Can Do For You

Do you have a bad credit? Are your federal student loans the reason or have they made it even worse? If so, you know how difficult life could be. Something as basic as getting a utility bill under your name can be more complicated – or expensive – when you have bad credit. Your credit score is used as a reflection of your trustworthiness to pay a bill, pay [...]

Private Student Loan Collections vs. Federal Student Loan Collections

Private student loans provide fewer benefits than federal student loans, such as income-based repayment plans, deferments, and student loan forgiveness. In many cases, you only have 6 months (up to 12 if you are lucky) before you are required to start making repayments on your private student loan. Often, you are still in school and are limited by finances to afford your loan payments. As a result, you can end [...]

How To Avoid (Or Minimize) Student Loan Debt

These days, many college students end up taking out a substantial amount of loans in order to put them through college or to pursue higher education and wind up with substantial amount of student debt. This burden is undertaken on the belief (and hope) that a college education is going to lead to a decent paying work after graduation – one that will enable them to be able to [...]

Impacts Of Having Student Loan Debt In Collections

Collections and default status give substantial financial difficulties. It’s vital that you are aware of the possible impacts of student loan collections to you. Doing this will encourage you to get yourself out and get all your finances on track. Also, knowing how collections really works will help avoid any shocks along the way. Following are the impacts if you’re student loans are in collections: Your career options are [...]

Is There a Legitimate Credit Repair Company

Is There a Legitimate Credit Repair Company? With so many credit repair companies that promise that they can fix your credit record and improve your credit scores, how sure are you that you are working with the best and legitimate company? If a credit repair company promises that your credit score will immediately improve up to 100 points, you should be wary. Credit repair companies should not promise unrealistic [...]

How to Prevent Wage Garnishment

The best way to deal with wage garnishment is to do everything in your power to prevent it. By simply taking control over your finances, you can prevent deliqent and defaulted loans as well as any case for your creditors to initiate a wage garnishment. Apart from that, below is the list of the pointers you can consider: Payment Term Negotiation You can consider having a negotiation on how [...]

Tips On Staying Out Of Collections

What will you do once you get out of student loan collections and default? Well, it’s recommended to draft a plan which will help you prevent the same scenario again. Fortunately, you will find some things you can do to avoid student loan collections and defaults even if your finances get tight again. Take into consideration forbearance or deferment If you can’t avail any payment, you could opt for [...]

How To Get Out Of Student Loan Collections

If you’re student loans are in collections, you possibly ended up there because you didn’t make payments on your loan on time or stopped making them all together. Student loan collections could be daunting and complicated. The good news is that you will find some ways to get out of that situation and stay out. Some of these include rehabilitation, student loan consolidation or catching up on payments quickly. [...]