Helping Your Employees Eliminate The Stress Of Their Student Loan Debt

Employee loyalty is no longer a driving force in many industries. Many employees will move on to a new company if they feel that their employer or work environment is not satisfactory enough, meaning that they feel that the work culture is profit driven rather than employee driven – even if it means taking a slight hit to their payroll. That’s because employees want to feel appreciated for their work and to work diligently for a company that truly cares about them.

Show your employees your dedication to their financial (and mental) well-being by providing resources many of them likely need in order to properly manage their student loan debt. In the majority of industries across the nation, having a higher education is a must. Behind the bachelor’s or master’s degree required for your company is likely a sizeable amount of student loan debt and the stress of repaying it that follows with it.

Let’s look at the statistics:

  • As of 2018, to total amount of collective student loan debt is nearly $1.5 trillion dollars – an amount only estimated to grow larger in the coming years.
  • The average debt per student is over $30,000.
  • About 70% of all college students are taking out loans in order to afford tuition.

That is your company’s primary incoming workforce – a group of individuals who studied, worked, and borrowed (heavily) to get the degree they needed to be successful in life.

Now, working for you, they are charged with repaying that debt and with little direction on how to do so. Take the step to care for your employees by offering them access to student loan debt relief programs provided by the Student Loan Advisory Group. Our services can help your employees better manage their debt with more affordable, lower payments, help them get their loans out of default, remove any wage garnishments they have as a result of their student loans, and prevent any tax offsets.

We can also help your workforce locate and apply for student loan forgiveness programs that working for you may qualify them for!

We provide a series of corporate seminars to teach vary aspects of student loan debt relief and management, including a

  • Complimentary workplace analysis to determine which debt relief programs will be most helpful for your employees.
  • Complimentary student loan education seminars
  • Complimentary onsite student loan debt relief workshops.

For more information on how the Student Loan Advisory Group can help ensure the success of your business and employees, or to schedule a corporate seminar about student loan debt relief contact one of our financial loan coaches at (813) 842-2067.