Is There a Legitimate Credit Repair Company?

With so many credit repair companies that promise that they can fix your credit record and improve your credit scores, how sure are you that you are working with the best and legitimate company?

If a credit repair company promises that your credit score will immediately improve up to 100 points, you should be wary. Credit repair companies should not promise unrealistic results – especially without first review your credit history with you.

Apart from the doubtful service offerings, you need to avoid other suspicious promises to ensure that you will end up with the reputable credit repair service provider. Credit repair companies are not allowed to charge a credit repair service before any form of work is completed. Also, you need to avoid those who are asking for money upfront or those who are promising an improved credit score overnight.

When you are planning to work with credit repair company to help you resolve your credit record issues, you can consider the following pointers:


When considering a credit repair company, they should provide you with a detailed explanation of what your rights are as a borrower and a disputer. After identifying your rights, they should also help you to understand them as well. Before signing a contract with a credit repair company, be sure the one you choose first explains your credit rights and provides you with valuable answers to all your questions and worries.


Before you settle for a specific credit repair company, it is essential that this company wants to know about your story. They need to understand why you need to dispute the item or items from your credit report or what led to your defaulted student loan status. This way, they can ensure that they can provide accurate and fair advice and repair recommendations that are best suited for you.


A reputable credit repair company can explain in a precise manner the things they can do (and will do) when representing you to the credit bureaus. It is a good idea to have them outline their service offerings so that you can identify what you are going to get from them.

You need to be careful picking the credit repair company you will be working with because your credit report can be at stake. Thus, always consider companies that can provide realistic results, are upfront about what they can and cannot do for you, don’t request payment before results, and are honest about your rights and standings with the credit bureaus.