The Public Service Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program was launched in 2007 offering borrowers a way to eliminate, or have their debt forgiven, after working in public service for 10 straight years and making on time payments during that time. However, borrowers only qualified if the loans were issued after the program went live, meaning it wasn’t until two years ago that borrowers could officially take advantage of this student loan debt forgiveness program.

And while many have attempted to find student loan relief through this debt, most have not succeeded. The most recent data for the Public Service Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program released by the U.S. Department of Education shows that applicants have less than 0.5% chance of being approved.

Here’s what you need to know about the Public Service Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program Statistics: (All data listed is as of December 31, 2018)

Student Loan Forgiveness Stats
  • There were 65,500 applications submitted by 53,749 borrowers; so many who were denied reapplied (potentially due to incomplete applications).

  • Of those who applied, only 610 were approved in 2018.

  • Over the life of the program, there were 132,000 applications—and 640 approved and granted student loan forgiveness. That’s less than half of a percent approved for federal student loan forgiveness since borrowers could start applying for it in 2017.

  • Of the 2018 total applications, just over 73% were denied because applicants didn’t actually qualify for the program (we’ll get into the tricky requirements in our next blog.).

  • 25% of the applicants weren’t approved because the application form was missing information on their Employment Certification Form (more about this form).

Reduce Your Risk Of A Denied Application

The Student Loan Advisory Group can help you determine whether you qualify for public service loan forgiveness and ensure all of your paperwork is complete prior to submitting your application. We can also help you consolidate your loans or help you enroll into the right repayment plan to meet the strict requirements of the public service loan forgiveness program.